Violence: 3 kinds (Part 2)

There are 3 primary kinds of violence. Initiatory violence Defensive violence Incidental violence Violence is physical and has real world consequences. Words are not violence. Violence may be digital, such as in digital theft or vandalism, e.g. defacing a website or a DDoS attack. (N.B. While some may claim that the digital is not physical,Continue reading “Violence: 3 kinds (Part 2)”

Violence (Part 1)

Violence gets a bad rap. It’s a tool. Nothing more. When an abattoir slaughters animals for food, that’s violence. If you like to eat, you endorse violence. This goes for vegans as well. Who are you to take the life of a carrot? While that may sound quite insane, consider “Disgustipated” by Tool. And theContinue reading “Violence (Part 1)”

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